Welcome to Sasiprapa Gym


Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym is an established authentic professional training camp for the art of Muay Thai.
We are located in a quiet suburb of Bangkok which is only a 20 minute taxi ride from Bangkok’s main Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Serious students of Muay Thai are welcome to train with us, and we have had many great fighters from all over the world come to train along side our champions including UFC Fighter Mike Bisping, Damion Trainor (K-Star), Shane Cadogan, Jabba (Contender Asia), Julie Kitchen (Cornwall U.K.),  Imran Khan, and many more.
Our resident Thai fighters compete on a world wide scale  and are frequently fighting at top level events in Holland, Japan, UK etc.
We hope that you enjoy checking out our website and hope that you will be training with us soon!